Calyos NSG S0 Fanless Chassis Kickstarter Launched

Calyos showcased their NSG S0 PC at CES earlier this year, showing a fully fanless silent open-air system that uses no moving parts for its cooling system. This is revolutionary because unlike water-cooled PCs, there is no pump, no fans, no fluids, no noise and no maintenance to worry about (except the dust since it is an open air case). The production chassis is also quite slick looking as it is designed by France’s foremost modding duo WaterMod, improving upon the original open-frame concept design.

The Calyos NSG S0 utilizes phase change cooling for both the GPU and CPU, with self-contained blocks that are attached to the chassis. The majority of the chassis itself is a giant heatsink fin that dissipates the heat from coming from these components. Calyos does not use an active cooling solution but instead uses LHP or Loop Heat Pipe technology which is a sealed two-phase cooling device made up of an evaporator (with integrated capillary pump), a tubed condenser and connecting lines. Inside is a thermal working fluid which the heat transfer is done through continues the passive cycles of vaporization and condensation.

The Kickstarter goal is set to €150,000 which it already has reached more than 58% of the mark at €87,296 pledged across 172 backers at the time of writing. The enthusiasm for this product is quite high considering it only took less than two hours to reach the 50% mark. The top unclaimed pledge is set to 7,999 which will give the user an opportunity to create their own design and get involved with its development. The other two top pledge options are also still unclaimed, both set at 5,999 which will give users the option to either get 10 fanless NSG S0 chassis or receive a single limited edition, hand assembled copper version. The Calyos team has made ten of these copper versions and each piece is numbered.

To join the project, head on over to its Kickstarter page:


Ron Perillo

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