You Can Rob A Store in GTA V With Nothing But A… SNOWBALL

/ 3 years ago


Grand Theft Auto V has some insane new content, with the latest update providing snowballs to play with. This has pushed gamers to using snowballs to rob a store in the game, which looks hilarious on Kotaku’s Highlight Reel for the year that is now finishing. Check out the video below.

Source: Kotaku.

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2 Responses to “You Can Rob A Store in GTA V With Nothing But A… SNOWBALL”
  1. Ryan Airth says:

    “Better gimme da money if you don’t want dis yellow snow all up in yo face”

  2. Wayne says:

    I would’ve though the idea of robbing a store with a snowball was to get the storekeeper to ‘freeze’ while you knocked it over, not for him to panic and high tail it.

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