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Can You Play Hades With a Pomegranate Controller!?

As far as titles go, that’s one of the stranger ones I’ve written. However, it’s not the first time Rudeism has cropped up on eTeknix doing something extremely strange, or giving me quirky titles to write. He gets his kicks out of doing crazy gaming challenges with truly unique interfaces. Just a few years back he played Overwatch with a microwave.

Now he’s back once again, trying to complete a run of Hades using a bloody pomegranate. No seriously, slices of pomegranate as a controller. It’s not conventional, I’ll give him that. However, we’re talking about someone who’s previously used everything from Jelly Beans to Baguettes.

Hades With a Pomegranate

As you can see in the following video below, he explains the setup, shows you how he turns the fruit into the controller and then gets to it. It’s certainly quite an achievement… Uhm, I think. I mean, it’s at least something.

So there you have it, with a piece of fruit, a bunch of wires and a pomegranate to PC interface, you can get your fruity gaming kicks. Just remember to put it on a tea towel, as things can get quite messy.

Will he complete the run of Hades using fruit? We don’t know, but it doesn’t look like he’s giving up just yet. Keep an eye on his Twitch channel for the latest runs! Plus, he’s got a bit of a history of this kind of thing, so it may be worth checking out some of the older videos too.

Peter Donnell

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