Canadian Apple Watch User Fined for Using it While Driving

/ 2 years ago


Do you use a smartwatch? Does your place has distracted-driving laws? If yes, you should be careful while operating it while driving. A man has got himself ticketed by the police in Quebec for using his Apple Watch while driving as reported by CTV News. They noted that under Quebec laws, smart watches are the devices which fall somewhere in between the permitted Bluetooth-based hands-free devices and the “handheld device[s] that [include] a telephone function,” which is banned while driving in Quebec.

Jeffrey Macesin was caught controlling his music using his Watch. Police have fined him with a $120 (Canadian) after they caught him. He told CTV that he didn’t realize fiddling with his smartwatch was illegal under Quebec’s distracted-driving laws. CTV has reported that Macesin is going to challenge the ticket and “is considering hiring a lawyer to represent him in the case.”

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Smartwatches and other wearables are new to the market and fall under the law that was made keeping mobile phones in mind. It is time to update the existing distracted-driving laws to consider other electronic devices so that the users get less confused about the boundaries.

Thank you PCWorld and CTV News for providing us with this information.

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