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Canadian Ex-Defence Minister’s Claims About Alien Technology & Wars

Canadian Ex-defence Minister Paul Hellyer

Apparently we have Aliens living amongst us. That is the view and opinion of Canadian ex-defence minister Paul Hellyer, who claims that at first he believed there to be only 2 to 12 different species of aliens. Now however he claims that due to reports he has received that number could be as high as 80 different species of aliens out there. Mr Hellyer went onto say in an interview conducted on Russia Today. He goes on to claim that the reason we haven’t had any contact with these numerous species is because they are waiting for our consent.

Mr Hellyer also claims that the Aliens have shared some technology with us such as the Kevlar vest and the Microchip. However the reason we haven’t received more technology from the different species of aliens out there is because man invented the Atomic bomb. With his quote being;

“Man was stupid enough to invent the atomic bomb. Aliens are frightened that we’re going to use it again (and again) and that this will affect the whole balance of the cosmos.”

Mr Hellyer believes that the aliens could help us live greener and safer and according to Hellyer some could all ready be living amongst us. With several “Edward Snowden” like whistle blowers out there who have all ready released information on government cover ups into aliens existing. However when asked about his own alien experience, Mr Hellyer went onto say that he has seen a U.F.O but when asked what it looked like, he replied as saying it looked like a star. So perhaps if we stop the wars and give the aliens our consent to help us I might still get to ride around on a hover board just like the ones in Back to The Future II.

Ex-defence Minister Paul Hellyer’s interview on Russia Today

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