Canonical Confirms Ubuntu Touch For October 17th

/ 4 years ago


Canonical have confirmed that the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system will be coming out on October the 17th 2013. This means the stable release of the Ubuntu Touch OS is still on schedule. Version 1.0 of the OS comes out with support for the Google Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 4 only.

The next incarnation of the Ubuntu Touch OS to succeed version 1.0 will arrive alongside Ubuntu 14.04 and will add supports for tablets.

Ultimately the commercial uptake of Ubuntu Touch will be very slow this year after the failure of the Ubuntu Edge smartphone campaign. If you want to get Ubuntu Touch for when it launches then you’ll need a Nexus 4 or Galaxy Nexus and you’ll have to tweak it to run Ubuntu Touch. Of course next year we could see smartphones and tablets running Ubuntu Touch if vendors can see that there is a demand for it.

Image courtesy of Canonical

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