Can’t Connect to PSN? Try this Little Trick

/ 3 years ago

ps4 fix

Sony has assured its customers that the PlayStation Network is back online, following the recent DDoS attack by Lizard Squad, but some users are still struggling to connect. Luckily, a new fix has emerged for those who can’t get online.

Enter your PlayStation’s Internet Settings, select Manual Settings, and then change the MTU to either 1473 or 1476. Hopefully, the problem will now be fixed.

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A redditor called disambiguated explains why MTU is a factor:

“The GRE tunnel overhead is 24 bytes – hence, changing your MTU from 1500 to 1476 ensures that large packets make it through to the servers.”

If that doesn’t work, another thing to try is to change the console’s DNS to, Google’s public DNS.

Source: PS4 Daily

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