Captherm Systems Reveal New MP-1240 Multiphase Cooler

/ 2 years ago

Captherm MP-1240

Last year at CES 2014 we saw Captherm present their new and different MP-1120 multiphase cooler. Now CES 2015 is upon us and while many of us still wait for the MP-1120 to be available, Captherm is ready with a new version, the MP-1240.

The MP-Series of high-performance CPU Coolers are based on proprietary, pump less, multiphase, cooling technology. Multiphase technology uses latent heat of vaporization by taking advantage of a phase change from liquid to vapor, enabling it to absorb vast amounts of energy. They are built as a 100% metal construction with hermetic joints and are powered by a non-conductive refrigerant.

The new and improved version has scored two CES awards, one in Computer Accessories & Gaming Hardware and one in the Accessories category. The MP-1240 features a larger heat exchanger than the predecessor and can now control up to four fans and can be seen first hand at Consumer Electronics Show 2015.

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Let us just hope that this one will make it to the actual market as a purchasable product. I’m sure a lot of our readers would love to have one of these in their next PC-build.

Thanks to Captherm for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Captherm


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