Polaris 10

AMD RX 480 Specifications Leaked

Just a couple hours before AMD is set to hold their press conference, specifications for the upcoming Polaris GPU have been leaked. The RX 480 was recently just leaked and ...

June 1, 2016 at 2:20 am by

AMD Employee Accidentally Leaks RX 480 GPU

With AMD’s Polaris Tech Day wrapping up, all the public is waiting for is for the NDA to lift and the graphics cards to finally launch. As with all events these days, ...

May 29, 2016 at 10:00 am by

AMD Macau Polaris Event NDA Lifts June 29th

As we’ve known for a couple weeks now, AMD is hosting a top-secret Polaris event at Macau this week. Expectations are that AMD will release some samples as well as talk ...

May 28, 2016 at 3:40 pm by

Are These the R9 480X 3DMark 11 Scores?

So far, AMD has kept a tight ship about what their Polaris GPUs will look like. The only official information we’ve received is that Polaris 10 will be targeting the ...

May 24, 2016 at 12:00 pm by

AMD R9 480(X) is Polaris 10

After much speculation and leaks, we are finally getting some indication about what Polaris 10 will look like. Earlier in the year, AMD revealed that Polaris would be mainly ...

May 24, 2016 at 11:20 am by

AMD Announces Polaris and APU Event

Earlier in the month, Nvidia took the first show in the latest round of the GPU wars. Launching the GTX 1080, the green team started off the new generation with their Pascal ...

May 20, 2016 at 8:00 pm by

AMD Polaris 10 Samples Clock at 1.2 Ghz

After what seems like an eternity on 28nm, Both Nvidia and AMD are moving to new process nodes. Nvidia has already shown their hand with their Pascal GTX 1080 on 16nm FinFETs, ...

May 19, 2016 at 1:40 pm by

AMD Leaves Room for Polaris in M400 Lineup

Every year it seems we get more rebrands, whether it be from AMD or Nvidia. While we would all like to see new products, these rebrands do fill an important role in the ...

May 15, 2016 at 11:00 am by

AMD Launching Polaris 10 at Computex

When the first Polaris launch rumours pointed to May, my first thought was that AMD would launch the cards at Computex. Later on, we got word that AMD might be releasing the ...

May 15, 2016 at 10:00 am by

Polaris 10 and 11 Core Specifications Revealed

From AMD has told us so far, Polaris 10 is the mainstream GPU while Polaris 11 follows up as the budget card. Dubbed Ellesmere and Baffin respectively, they are part of ...

May 14, 2016 at 10:30 am by

AMD 14nm SoC May Power PlayStation Neo

Last month, we reported that AMD was expecting $1.5 billion in revenue in relation to custom gaming SoCs. At the same time, reports have come out from Sony about the ...

May 12, 2016 at 10:00 am by

AMD Moves Vega Up to October

With the Nvidia GTX 1080 out now, all that awaits is for AMD to launch their Polaris based GPUs. Unfortunately for enthusiasts, Polaris 10, the top end Polaris GPU to come out ...

May 11, 2016 at 10:40 am by

AMD AiB Partners Frustrated with Polaris

Yesterday, we reported that AMD would be hosting a Polaris event is a little over 2 weeks away. Set to be held in Macau, China, we originally suspected AMD would invite a few ...

May 11, 2016 at 10:00 am by

AMD Missing From Computex?

From the earliest rumours, the signs pointed to a Polaris launch at Computex later this month. Computex was right around the rumoured launch dates for Polaris and fitted well ...

May 10, 2016 at 11:22 am by

AMD Polaris Release Just Weeks Away!

With Nvidia having launched their Pascal GeForce GTX 1080 and 1070 graphics cards, all eyes are on AMD. Reportedly set to launch around Computex, AMD’s new Polaris based ...

May 10, 2016 at 10:40 am by

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