Cats Out And About, What They Do When You’re Not Looking

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Cats are magnificent and interesting creatures, that we might think we know quite a bit about, but really how much do we know about the predatory creatures. If you have a cat, you might think it is a loving and comforting pet, perhaps a built in mouse trap. Over the years I have heard lots of stories about cats, and how they act around their owners, or shall I say, the cats pets. If you own a cat, then you likely know that you don’t OWN a cat, a cat owns you, it chooses when it comes and when it goes, it also chooses whether or not it is going to stay with you, or move out on its own to find a new place to live.

Recently the BBC wrote an article, about what cats do while they are out and about. Things that might be startling to some viewers, when you see what your cat might be busy doing while you’re not around. Though we are only shown 10 of the cats from the program there were 50 studies in total.

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A team from BBC Two’s Horizon worked with the Royal Veterinary College, attaching GPS tracking devices and micro-cameras to several cats and then tracked their progress. Tracking 50 cats in total over several weeks, they would track the cat’s movements over 6, 24-hour periods, also having the micro-cameras to film their activities.

This article by the BBC is quite interesting showing us little blips of information about each of the cats, and how they act, as well as showing us some of the footage their micro-cameras were able to pick up.

If you’re interested in seeing the videos or even reading up more about the different cats travels, check out the article from the BBC.

Image courtesy of the BBC

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