CD Projekt RED Explains Why The Witcher 3 Got a Visual Downgrade

/ 2 years ago


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been shown off with amazing graphics and gameplay footage, something that fans were eager to experience themselves. However, what they got was not what they saw when the company showed off their title, so complaints were bound to crop up. But we also have to take a look at what the company has to say about it.

As with all other games, companies show off their products in their early stages. That’s when they shove everything in and make it look nice and pretty, the thing that users gets so hyped about. But the sad truth is that when they actually add everything and start to see who can run it, things start to fall apart.

What this means is that not everything works from the very start, so a balance between performance and visuals needs to be made before the initial stages and up to the point of delivering the product. If this doesn’t go as planned, we might see another Assassin’s Creed Unity incident and I don’t think fans want to play games at 20FPS just to see those awesome graphics.

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Marcin Iwinski told the same thing after the comments started rolling in, adding that once they started to put in the open-world environment and other details that make up The Witcher 3 gameplay, they went ‘oh s**t, it doesn’t really work’. So changes needed to be made for the product to deliver an amazing gameplay as well as great performance. But will this visual setback affect a lot of fans who already enjoy the title? Probably not.

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17 Responses to “CD Projekt RED Explains Why The Witcher 3 Got a Visual Downgrade”
  1. Etienne Boutet boucher says:

    “But will this visual setback affect a lot of fans who already enjoy the title? Probably not.” OF COURSE IT’S WILL ! u.u

  2. Eoin Mc Namara says:

    If you cannot keep your promises, don’t make them

    • David Anthony White says:

      find me the quote where a witcher 3 dev said ‘I promise the game will look exactly this good on release’

      • Eoin Mc Namara says:
        I have no issue with Developers thinking big. I like that, but please please please keep a leash on the advertising department. Project RED ‘apparently’ wanted to focus on story, which is good for games. But then, why bother with pushing all these new graphical textures and effects when they would have to be downscaled?
        Honestly, they could have done two things:
        Release an Extreme version, where the cream of the crop cards can stretch their muscles, and then the game could not be criticised by anyone in the non-Extreme (what we have now it seems) version.
        Poor decision and planning is all it comes down to. Hype was hyped, the devs did jump on this a bit (as expected if they enjoy a game) but they failed to keep themselves in line.
        We should have heard the truth before release, not after.

        • jeremy rittenhouse says:

          You should really learn about game development. They always make awesome looking models on high end systems, and then work their way down. You don’t start ugly and hope to make it better. You start looking good, and then get rid of unnecessary things that drag the game down.

          • Eoin Mc Namara says:

            Once again, if the story was the main idea of development, why bther releasing such upscaled and artificial screenshots?
            Maybe you should really learn to read

          • Júlio Sencadas says:

            So youre say that in the year of development of this game there was already a highend system capable of running the game like that, so why didn’t they make those graphics available under a ULTRA preset option,that’s plain dumb argument son, look at the thing you’re writting because it defies your belief…

  3. Júlio Sencadas says:

    Simple don’t show what you cannot fullfill…Or work your ass off in optimkization so that what you show can be delivered!!

    • jeremy rittenhouse says:

      You’re fucking stupid. You want them to invest in time travel just to see what they can come up with in the end? I mean, they had the game up and running with those graphics at one point and time. They had live demo’s running it. They had to cut back to make it more accessible to more PC players and for consoles. Not every PC gamer has a high end system, but every PC gamer should have a chance to play great PC games. The developers had a dream also. Do you think they didn’t want photorealism in the game, or of every shoot to be art book worthy? God damn, useless as people on the internet. Go away!

      • Júlio Sencadas says:

        No you are the stupid one!

        No game should be downgraded for the sake of consoles, you should get what you pay for if you have a 500$ system you get what that system can deliver and if you have a 1000$ system a pc per say you get more graphics…And that is not hapening now you see every Dev making the choice of developing in a PC Dev kit to make initial trailers and then they go on to make the game for consoles and you end up with downgraded graphics, so that console kids can say they have the same graphics of a pc system that is 2x more powerfull than their 500$ dollar weak machines, thats why you have LOW MEDIUM HIGH and ULTRA PRESETS, where devs made it medium for all PEOPLE instead of making Medium for consoles and ULTRA for a highend pc, HIGH for a Top of the line 1000$ pc, MEDIUM for a modest pc and LOW for autdated systems systams with 3 or 4 years….

        Thats why there should be diferent versions of the game for each platform according to the same storyline but having into account each system specs, instead of leveling the graphic fidelety sothe weakest links can run it…


        • jeremy rittenhouse says:

          This brain you keep telling me to use, do you have on installed in that head of yours? Why do people think their computer is so amazing, it can do anything. It can’t. Yeah, if you spent another year or two optimizing it, sure, you could get it to look better, but why? We got a slightly looking better game to run at a great framerate, but we wasted 20million dollars doing it, and had to lay everyone off and we made no profit on the game. If the computer was so powerful, why do people bitch so much when it’s not optimized? I mean, shouldn’t your super powerful computer be able to plow through unoptimized games? NO!? Weird. So, instead of taking 2 years to optimize the system for every fucking variable there is out there, it just easier to low ball the graphics, and release a good game. Also, have you ever played a CD Projekt Red game at launch? You do know they do an enhanced version later, right? Where they can slow down a bit, take their time, make the improvements they think are do able, and then do a FREE update to the game you already own. They do free MODS from the developers and Enhanced Editions. To my original point, take the graphic hit, and release a game that can run. I don’t give a fuck about “make it ultra”, because no system would run it. It’s just not worth the effort or to hear the complaints from you PC gamers. You guys got the best version of the game, and cry about it. I’m a console and PC gamer, and I’m ashamed half the time of the way PC gamers talk. Cry baby bitches about graphics. “Oh, we got an amazing game, that’s the best version? Oh, that’s not good enough.”

          • Júlio Sencadas says:

            Im telling you use your brain, if the game in it’s early stages of developing could run on a pc at the time it can’t now? Think for a second if the game ran like that on older software than the one we have now how the hell can’t the game run now on better hardware, they had time to optimize it since then…And 2nd look at the game in consoles and pc and see they are pratically the same although pc has more horsepower, even more horsepower than what was available at the time of the trailer, so yeah use your brain and don’t belive everything a dev say’s afterall they all want big money for less effort

  4. Júlio Sencadas says:

    Look at the game ground textures they remind me of modern warfare 3 ground textures

  5. Thilan says:

    as i said before Noob Devs or CD Prokekt cant handle their own engine or they are making terrible lies to cover up their bad face

  6. Spencer Patches Parnell says:

    my pc shows the game beautifully on max. you can get these promises if you got a better system. not hard to upgrade a computer. and if you chose to play a game this demanding on a console than i feel no pitty

    • SgtLex says:

      This game is still a beautiful game and plays pretty good for the type of graphics it has. Now with being easy to upgrade a pc to meet the high demand of some games, well that isn’t so true. Not everyone makes $25 an hr. or even over $1,200 a month and some of the people that don’t have to take care of kids and pay lots of bills. So for them to go out and buy like a newer graphics card like a GTX 980 or even just a year older, isn’t going to happen over paying a bill or taking care of a kid expense. It’s best to wait a little let the game get some patches that fix some things or find a guide that helps tweak the settings enough to play on a little lower grade pc and things will be fine. Otherwise the game is great and definitely recommend the game to all who love open world games and rpg games. 😀

      • Spencer Patches Parnell says:

        no they need to save up. i do. i work 8 dollars an hour 4 days a week at a game shop. i have rent, just leased a new house, utilities, car payments, insurance, etc. just budget

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