Cheapest PS Vita’s in the UK

/ 6 years ago

The cheapest place to buy PlayStation Vita in the UK when it launches on Wednesday is at Asda. The supermarket hasn’t officially released its pricing, but store representatives told us the Wi-Fi version will be sold for £197.

Courtesy of Eurogamer and their extensive searching and research, we have here the pricing for the PS Vita in a large variety of shops. The cheapest physical shop is Asda, at £196.98. The cheapest online store is SimplyGames at £199.99.

Of course, this doesn’t take into account the offers and bundles and memory cards and such. You can check those out in the chart below.


Bricks and mortar shops

  • Asda – £196.98 (Wi-Fi only)
  • Game/Gamestation – £229.99 (Wi-Fi) or £279.99 (3G)
  • HMV – £229.99 (Wi-Fi) or £279.99 (3G)
  • Tesco – £TBC
  • Sainsbury’s – £TBC
  • Morrisons – £TBC

Vita Wi-Fi

Vita 3G + Wi-Fi

Source: Eurogamer


One Response to “Cheapest PS Vita’s in the UK”
  1. Cheese says:

    I can confirm that Sainsburys will be selling the Wi-Fi version for £199.99 and the 3G version for £249.99 when bought with either Uncharted or Fifa (both £39.99). Without either game they will be £229.99 and £279.99 respectively.

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