Check Out This Video of GTA V’s Iron Man Mod!

/ 2 years ago

grand theft auto v iron man mod

There are already quite a few mods available for Grand Theft Auto V, but this one definitely looks like a must-have. The Iron Man mod for GTA V is currently being developed by JulioNB, and it will basically allow us to use the full power of the Iron Man suit in order to wreak havoc on Los Santos. The mod is still being polished and tweaked, which means that there is no way to download it just yet. However, the creator did release a prototype video that highlights some of its most important features, so you should definitely have a look below.

From what I saw, the way the Iron Man suit behaviour in GTA V is pretty accurate. The flying is spot on, but the weapons are arguably even more impressive. These include a red laser shooting from the player’s hands, small rockets and a large blue beam that shoots out from the chest. The suit also seems to provide superhuman strength and complete protection from bullets, which makes sense since we’re talking about Iron Man after all.

Are you looking forward to this awesome Grand Theft Auto V mod?

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