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Unreal Tournament is one of the most iconic deathmatch shooters ever created, and while I’m sure many of you have played previous entries in the series, did you know that the new one is free to play? The game’s been available for some time now, albeit in a pre-alpha in-development format, but it’s still good enough to download and get in on the action.

“Check out the latest map from the Unreal Tournament team, the community favorite DM Chill. Chill takes place in a Nordic fortress set high in an icy mountain range. Be sure to download the latest build from your launcher.” – Epic Games

Today, Epic Games has released some brand new screenshots of the upcoming Chill DM Map, which was recently added to the game, and if these gorgeous shots don’t tempt you into downloading the game and giving it a go, nothing will.

“Chill is a great level to try out our new Showdown game mode. In Showdown, players get one life per round, and start with 200 health. Before each round, players select their spawn location, allowing them to choose which weapons or power ups they want to start near.” – Epic Games

If you want to download the game and get in on the action, head on over to the official site here! For now, check out the screenshots below and let us know what you think in the comments section below!











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