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Cherry MX 10.0 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

Cherry is one of the leading forces when it comes to peripherals. Sure, they may not release many mainstream products themselves. But they do feature in many other brands products. Cherry MX switches are the most popular choice for workers and gamers around the world and have been for many decades. Flawless performance for many millions of clicks, it’s easy to see when Cherry is so popular. Of course, this is both their own keyboard and their own switch design this time around, so it should be at least twice as good, right?

Cherry MX 10.0 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

The keyboard features a slim aluminium body, with Cherry MX Low Profile switches, and low profile keycaps. That’s triple slim right there, and that makes it extremely portable. Something else makes it extremely portable too, but you’ll see that on the next page! You get full per-key RGB, n-key, anti-ghosting and more too. So despite the slim size, it’s not slim on features!


  • Fashionable gaming keyboard with aluminum housing and really thin design
  • CHERRY MX low profile technology – Gold Crosspoint precision switch for all keys »Developed and Made in Germany«
  • Impressive RGB illumination in more than 16 million colors, with numerous integrated color routines
  • CHERRY button for CHERRY Utility Software to individualize the keyboard settings
  • Create and save your own light effects using software in 8 MB on-board memory
  • Uncompromisingly fast, with high-speed key recognition and a shorter bounce time for higher switching frequencies
  • Full n-key rollover – all keys are read simultaneously
  • Anti-ghosting – no input errors
  • WIN key lockout for gaming
  • Abrasion-resistant key caps
  • Detachable cable with Micro USB-C
  • Automatic foldable mounting foot

What Cherry Had to Say

“The CHERRY MX 10.0 gaming keyboard – unusually thin and unusually fashionable. The aluminium housing, made out of one piece and the new MX low profile switches allows this really thin and elegant design. The MX low profile switches, developed and produced in Germany in combination with the high-speed key recognition and the shorter bounce time makes the keyboard really fast. The RGB lighting effects in more than 16 million colours and numerous integrated colour routines, can easily be adapted and individualized with the CHERRY Utility Software. All settings will be saved on the 8 MB on-board memory. Full n-key rollover, anti-ghosting, WIN key lockout, lasered abrasion-resistant keycaps and a detachable cable with Micro USB-C offers everything what’s requested for a good game. MX 10.0 – the design statement in gaming!” – Cherry

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Peter Donnell

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