Chieftec Stallion 3 GP-03B-OP ATX Case Review

The new Chieftec case landed just a few months ago, and I’ve finally been able to track one down for review. Admittedly, it was sitting in my garage for weeks before I knew I already had it, but alas, I found one, and that’s a good thing! I’ve really enjoyed the latest Chieftec cases, they were a little stuck in the past compared to the competition, but in the last year or so, they’ve refreshed their image and caught up with the rest of the market. Their new Stallion 3 promises a competitive feature set that should have it rubbing shoulders with other £100+ mid-tower gaming cases from any big-name brand.

Chieftec Stallion 3

The new Chieftec Stallion 3 comes very well equipped, with a larger design that makes it capable of handling anything up to an E-ATX motherboard. Of course, that means there’s plenty of room for larger coolers, power supplies and graphics cards too. To keep things cool, it comes equipped with four of their Tornado ARGB 120mm fans, which are all hooked up to a built-in RGB control hub, allowing for some colourful customisation too. There’s dust filtering, tinted tempered glass, a PSU shroud, a GPU anti-sag support bar, hidden storage bays and more, ticking all the boxes for what we expect in a premium gaming PC case in 2022.


  • Top and Front removable mesh design for high airflow
  • 4 x 120mm A-RGB Rainbow fans pre-installed
  • Slide-in tempered glass side panel
  • 3PIN +5V A-RGB M/B Sync via RGB control hub
  • Supports Mini ITX, mATX, ATX, E-ATX motherboards

What Chieftec Had to Say

“The CHIEFTEC STALLION 3 is a premium Gaming Chassis that comes with tempered glass side and mesh front panel, offering the perfect combination of gaming style and high-performance airflow. The case comes with 4 pre-installed A-RGB Rainbow fans and a certified A-RGB control hub, ensuring M/B sync compatibility with: ASUS™ Aura, ASRock™ RGB Sync, MSI™ Mystic Light Sync and Gigabyte™ RGB Fusion. The large interior supports mainboards up to E-ATX format, 240mm radiator on top and 360mm radiator in the front, making this an ideal chassis for a high-end gaming system.” – Chieftec

Launch Trailer

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