Chieftronic PowerUp GPX-850FC (850w) PSU Review

Over Power Protection and Max Wattage

It’s not uncommon that despite a power supply having an ‘officially’ rated wattage output level, that manufacturers often allow for a bit of ‘wiggle’ room beyond that value. You know, just because a cake suggests 8 servings, that doesn’t mean you can’t split it between more if you have to.

Getting back to PSUs though (albeit, I do like cake), the most important factor regarding this is that if a user does push their PSU too hard, the OPP should successfully kick in to shut down the power supply before any risk of damage to components is presented or, in a worst case situation, it actually going ‘bang’ in rather spectacular fashion.

So, in regards to the Chieftronic PowerUp GPX-850FC, firstly we can confirm that the OPPs worked perfectly in our testing with the PSU successfully shutting down. With it achieving 1070 watts before this happened, however, this is clearly a decent bit of legroom (220 watts). As such, if you do (by accident – because you should never do this deliberately) ask a little extra from it than the rated amount, it’ll either happily oblige you or simply shut down and tell you to be more sensible in the future!

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Mike Sanders

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