Chillblast Fusion Nano 960 Gaming PC Review

A Closer Look

A “front on” look at the case, with the exception of the Chillblast badge it is unmodified, looks great though.

On the front panel, there are dual USB3 ports and Mic/Headphone ports.

To the left, there are some ventilation holes in the side panel.

To the right side, we have a large window, and we can see the SSHD mounted on the bottom of the case.

Round the back you can see the motherboard is in fact mounted upside down.

The top is cut to support extra cooling, this isn’t a standard feature on this chassis, so it’s nice to see a little mod work done.

The case feet give a helping hand to ventilation, especially to the power supply.

Left panel off, not a lot to see here, just the back of the motherboard

Window panel off we can see just about everything here. Although it looks pretty cramped, the Corsair AIO cooler means you have a bit of space to get your hands in if ever required.

Diagonal view.


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Colin Chambers

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