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Chillblast Samurai 1060 Ultra Slim Gaming Laptop Review

A Closer Look

Included in the box, you’ll find a pretty standard power cable. What I do like is that while the brick is large, it’s quite slim, so packing it in your bag shouldn’t prove an issue.

With a name like the Samurai Ultra Slim you wouldn’t expect this to be a fat laptop. What a shock, it’s not, it’s lovely and slim and surprisingly so for something packing the GTX 1060. In fact, it’s likely the GTX 1060 that allows it to be so slim, as something like the GTX 1070 may need a bigger cooling solution.

The super clean-looking matte black finish is gorgeous to look at. There’s a small Chillblast badge in the corner, but you could remove that if you were wanting it to look even sleeker. Down in the front right, there are seven indicators LEDs, all pretty self-explanatory there of course.

Despite the slimming down, there’s no shortage of connectivity here, yes, that was a slight jab at Apple. From left to right, we’ve got Kensington lock, RJ45, SD Card, USB 3.0 ports, and gold-plated audio jacks. Not bad, and it certainly covers all of the basics.

Down the right side, you’ll notice more ventilation, matching the design of the left side. There’s a power jack, miniDP, HDMI, USB Type-C, and USB 2.0 port. Again, the connectivity is excellent here. Finally, there’s also a small power button nicely placed on the front right.

Around the back, a nice and clean-looking hinge design with more ventilation between.

On the base, there’s more ventilation, which is vital to such a powerful yet slim system. What really caught my attention, however, is that soft grip covering. It makes it comfortable to rest the laptop on your legs without it sliding away.

Some small rubber riser feet are on there too, allowing a little breathing room when placed on a desk.

The neat and tidy finish continues on the interior too. Like the interior, it has got that lovely black finish, with subtle chrome highlights around the track pad and webcam.

The keyboard is a compact design, but still features a full-size keyboard, arrow keys and number pad. The keys are chicklet switch, but have a great feed back to them, decent spacing and a slick low-profile design.

There’s some LED RGB lighting to the keys, which you’ll see in action in a moment. You can see they’ve got clear plastic trim under them to allow the light to really shine through.

The screen is a nice size at 15.6″. That’s big enough for gaming and movies at a comfortable distance, without making the laptop too big to store in most carry cases or bags. There’s also a good anti-glare finish to it, which is always a good thing on a laptop.

Powering up the system, the keyboard lights up in a dark red.

Once we’ve booted to the desktop, however, it’s time to have an RGB party. You can customise the lighting, or even turn it off, but it’s no bad thing to have the choice.

It certainly dazzles though, and the range of colours is fantastic. Of course, RGB lighting isn’t the only thing on offer, so let’s move on.

As I said, the screen has a nice finish to it, with very little glare. The black levels are rich, and there’s a good brightness. It’s only a HD display, but it’s great for the display size and is more than enough for gaming. The GTX 1060 should make easy work of games at this resolution. So, without further delay, let’s get benchmarking!

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Peter Donnell

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