China Lists Around 100 Things Their Citizens Can’t Make Online Videos About!

I have to admit that I sometimes get worried when I write about China. Oh, it’s not over any kind of paranoid fear that one day I might get a knock at the door that may well be my last. It’s more to do with the fact that I might one day like to visit the country, and, upon me coming up to the customs desk with a big smile on my face, I might suddenly find myself whisked away into a very quiet (and dark) room with a folder 3 inches thick thrown at me in regards to how I might seemingly represent an enemy of the state. Albeit, eTeknix isn’t blocked behind The Great Fire Wall of China yet, so I guess I might be alright for the moment.

Put simply though, China is very vigilant and particular about what it allows to be posted online. And particularly so in regards to citizens from its own country. Following the publication of a brand new official list, however, it seems that their online censorship has just taken a far more stringent step forward as, within it, it lists around 100 subjects that its residents can not post about in online videos!

China Unveils New ‘Unsuitable Content’ for Online Videos

Although such restrictions in China are nothing new, it is very unusual to see such a comprehensive document posted online specifically citing exactly what video content its residents can and can not post online. Although I will not go into every single thing banned, while some are perhaps a little obvious, others are clearly yet fresh attempts to try and stifle dissenting voices on opinions that do not fall in line with the government:

  • Clips taken from TV shows – And especially those not approved by the Chinese Censorship board
  • Anything in regards to Cryptocurrency
  • Sexual related content (outside of the remits of approved educational)
  • Lying about a charible donation (so presumably the video is ok as long as you keep the receipt)
  • Any depiction of an ‘unconvenional’ marraige (reading between the lines, homosexual)
  • Drug use or someone under the influence
  • Gambling and/or gambling machines
  • Organised crime and gangs
  • Any kind of positive reference to crime (like an anti-hero perspective I guess)
  • Violence or mental abuse (seemingly for or against)
  • Politics – Anything criticising socialism, communism, the state, or its policy, is, of course, a huge no-no!
  • Comparing, discussusing, and/or contrasing religions
  • Anything, ANYTHING, that could be viewed (real or otherwise) as a criticism of China

And the list ends with the rather ominous “other violation of laws, regulations and social public order and good customs” which we read to presume anything they don’t like that they forgot on the list!

What CAN You Post a Video About?

Well, on the plus side, cat videos still seem to be ok. Well, unless you’re planning to dress them up to resemble Chairman Mao or as some kind of metaphoric rant against the government. The bottom line though, is that with those kinds of restrictions above, would you really feel safe, as a Chinese citizen, posting any kind of video online? – I don’t think I would.

As has often been proven in the past, however, the Chinese people are very resourceful in finding ways around this kind of censorship. – If you do, however, want to check out the full list, click the link here! (Google translate might be your friend).

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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