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China’s Former Internet Censor Head Charged With Bribery

China’s Former Internet Censor Head Charged With Bribery

It’s certainly no small secret that China has one of the strictest regulated internet services in the world. If it doesn’t have governmental approval, the chances are that you won’t be able to visit the site! Such censorship of the internet even goes as far as social media where posting images of Peppa Pig or Winnie the Pooh might get you into trouble. No, I’m not joking either!

For years, Lu Wei represented the physical embodiment of China’s internet. As the man chiefly in charge of what is allowed and what isn’t, he was even listed in the top 100 most influential people in the world. How the mighty have fallen now though!

In a report via Sky News, after losing his job in February, he has now been charged with several bribery and corruption offences during his reign.

Not The First Accusations

Lu Wei has received several criticisms (an apt word) during his reign for several reasons. He has regularly been accused of being tyrannical in his power and even attempting to use his position for sexual misconduct. In this latest charge though, he is outright accused of using his position to personally gain from it. It’s hard to think of a worse crime in a communist country.

Tyrannical head of internet censorship shakes hands with China’s Lu Wei.

While it seems that he might not be an entirely pleasant person, I do treat this report with a little scepticism. Since March it’s been clear that the current Premier Xi Jinping has been attempting to consolidate his power at the top. I can’t help but draw comparisons to how Stalin and Mao occasionally decided that a terror was necessary to remove certain powerful people from office. This often resulted in completely unfounded accusations and a swift removal from power. In the more extreme instances, also a rather swift execution.

China’s Internet!

The future of China’s internet is certainly a bit unclear. While the government occasionally makes overtures to open it up, they more often than not immediately slam the door. In the last week, we have seen Facebook given approval and rejection of an office in just 24 hours!

For the moment at least, the Great Firewall of China remains.

What do you think? Surprised at the news? Do you think this is legitimate or a political removal? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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