China’s video gaming console ban maybe lifted soon

/ 5 years ago

Since 2000, the Chinese cultural ministers have implemented a ban on gaming consoles as (according to the ministry) it causes potential harm to the physical and mental development of the young. But according to China Daily’s sources, the Chinese maybe re-thinking on that policy, even lifting the ban.

It should be noted however that despite the ban, one can obtain gaming consoles illegally through many retailers and wholesellers. It is also found that console makers used loopholes to get their product inside the Chinese market legally. Nintendo did so via a local partner company to introduce iQue, a device that plugs directly into the TV and have access to several games for Nintendo 64 console. Also, they have been selling Nintendo DS with the name “iQue DS” since 2005. Microsoft sells Kinect in China but for scientific and medical research.


The ban didn’t affect the PC gaming business in the country at all. Many Chinese players play mostly MMORPG, but there are concerns from the consoles makers too, at the very least from the Sony Corporation. After convincing the Japanese government that the console won’t be used for a missile guidance system, the company withdrew the support to introduce consoles in China, citing piracy as a reason.

Nevertheless this news increased Nintendo’s stock to 4% up and Sony observed a 9% gain at the Tokyo stock exchange.

Source: ArsTechnica

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