Chinese Teams Competed for a Share of $6.4 Million in Tournament

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blog_tickets_ti4 So the final is now over, I personally haven’t been watching any of it but all I know is that two Chinese teams, who else, competed in the final. NewBee and Vici Gaming are the two teams who battled it out for insane amounts of money with the victorious team (Team Newbee) leaving with an insane $5 million and the runner up (Vici Gaming ) left with a cool $1.4 million, I wouldn’t be complaining if I came second…

I don’t have any interest in Dota 2 or LoL (League of Legends) because their just not for me, I enjoy racing games and shooters but that’s just me, millions play Dota 2 on steam which is why the prize pool became so enormous.  Valve themselves donated $1.6 million to the prize pool and the $9.3 million came from the players themselves, all hoping to be with a chance of winning a big chuck of it.

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The final isn’t the only place where people have won big, there is another $4.5 million we haven’t talked about yet! That money was distributed between the other 19 teams that were in the tournament and by doing some simple maths that averages at $236,000 per team which have 5 members in so each player, just by being there, basically got $47,368 which is incredible.

Esports is becoming so big that the final of this years The International was aired on one of ESPN’s channels, that’s insane. A huge global television network airing a video game! It’s amazing to see that gaming has come along way in such a short space of time.

Thanks to BBC for supplying us with this information.

Image courtesy of Steam.

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