Chinese TV Thinks Gundam is Coming to Attack the Country

/ 2 years ago


Chinese Central Television, the state-run propaganda machine of the Chinese government, has been stirring up fear of a potential war against Japan for some time now, but a recent news piece on the station suggests that the Japanese military might launch its most famous mecha against its citizens. That’s right: China thinks Japan will send Mobile Suit Gundam to kick some Cantonese butt.

On Tuesday, the Chinese Central Television show Focus Today ran a story about how Japanese Prime Minister Ahinzo Abe “clamours” for war against the Chinese nation, claiming that Japan, in alliance with the US, has a number of secret weapons at its disposal, with the implication being that Gundam is one of them.

Though the show makes no direct mention of Gundam during the report, it does show footage of the giant robot during a montage of military weapons that Japan might utilise in an offensive against its enemies (about 5 minutes in):

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Tensions between Japan and China have been rising for the past thirty years, with the emergence of the latter as a global superpower, but I doubt those fears need to be exacerbated by the threat of a mecha attack.

In other news, Spike Spiegel will be commanding air assaults from the Bebop, and infantry will be comprised of Diclonus, commanded by the Fist of the North Star.

Thank you Kotaku for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Gundam Wiki.

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    Where can i sign up to join Japan? i would love to ride a Gundam myself..

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