Chinese woman tasered in Apple Store for trying to buy more than 2 iPhones

/ 5 years ago

A Chinese woman who couldn’t speak English was tasered by the police when she tried to buy more than 2 iPhones in Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S.

The incident started when Xiaojie Li from Newton, Massachusetts bought two iPhone 5 units last Friday at the Apple Store, but she wanted to buy more for her family in China and therefore ordered two more online. When she tried to collect them on Tuesday the store told her that the quota is 2 units per person, therefore they cannot sell the phones to her and she was asked to leave.


A series of events led to a situation where the Apple Store called the Police because she refused to leave & when both the police and the woman wasn’t able to understand each other , she was tasered. According to a police report, Li was carrying $16,000 in cash at the time she was arrested. Although others suspected that she was planning on selling the phones that she planned to buy for profit. While the question does come up if it was necessary, it’s a standard procedure to use a taser if they refuse to obey an order or an arrest.

Source: CNN


3 Responses to “Chinese woman tasered in Apple Store for trying to buy more than 2 iPhones”
  1. Shocking stuff. Only in America

  2. salmanshah says:

    Shame on you America.

  3. American police going ott? I don’t believe you

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