Chome gets version 7 update

/ 7 years ago

Just over a month ago, the Chrome devlopment team promised regular updates with regards to their fantastic browser. They haven’t let anyone down and have been true to their word by releasing Chrome version 7 to the stable channel.

Generally speaking, you would expect a lot of new features and bug fixes, but in such a short amount of time (1 and a half months) the new features had to take a back seat, but you can still experience these new features on the devlopers channel build, which is currently using Chrome version 8. Amidst the lack of new features, the developer team have managed to fix a very large number of bug fixes from the previous version, which in turn gives the user of the new Chrome 7 a more fluid and relaxed time, whilst using the browser. In fact, according to Google, 826 bugs were rectified, which is quite outstanding considering the small time frame.

A full list of bugs can be found on the release blog.

Whilst, featres weren’t the top priority, the dev team did manage to add a few little ones, including HTML5 parasing algorithm, AppleScript support on Mac OS X for UI automation, File API, directory upload and also improved the site blocking features too.

Personally, i would have preferred the version number sticking within the ‘6’ range until more features were included, as consumers do use version numbers to identify the power etc… behind software.

The latest stable build of Google Chrome can be obtained here, and is available for Windows, Linux and OSX platforms.

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  • Shadow1954

    Excellent 🙂 I'm updating right now 😀

  • thebigbadwolf

    Thanks, updating now too 😀 Love Chrome 😀

  • buburuza72

    if i`m not mistaken this Chrome is still faster than the other browsers, right?

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