Chrome to Be Faster Thanks to New HTTP Protocol

/ 3 years ago

When Google launched Chrome, they intended to bring a faster web browsing experience. To do this they developed their own protocol known as SPDY. With the next version of HTTP, HTTP/2, being close to fully standardized, Google is making the switch in Chrome 40 which will roll out in the next few weeks. All the development time put in by Google for SPDY is not lost though, as HTTP/2 improves upon some of the features SPDY. Two of the big features we see brought over are multiplexing and header compression, which allow for multiple page requests simultaneously. Despite the switch over, don’t expect immediate speed improvements, as it will take time for browsers and developers alike to fully take advantage of the changes.  All in all, the change will lay the ground work for an all around faster and safer experience while browsing the web over the next few years. SPDY itself will reach its end of life in early 2016 when Google will dump support for it.

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