Chromebooks Account For 21% Of All Notebook Sales

/ 4 years ago

acer_hp_haswell_chromebooks-578-80Chromebook is a completely different approach to mobile computing, offering a lightweight alternative to Windows, without going down the route of Linux or Mac. The low price of the hardware due to the more focused functionality has made them a tempting option to consumers who just want access to office files and a web browser, something that has boosted Chrome OS to take up 21 percent of all notebook sales (according to NDP).

Chrome OS clocked in at just 0.2% of the computer market last year, 10% as of November and with retail figures to be counted early in the new year we expect that number to have risen by a sizeable margin. Given that most of their hardware units cost around $200 its clear why it’s becoming a popular choice for those that don’t require a full Windows based solution.

With CES just a week away and companies like Asus, Acer and HP ready to roll out their new model Chromebooks for 2014 and it is clearly going to be a much stronger year for Google and of course their lightweight OS.

Thank you Pocket Lint for providing us with this information.


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