Chromebooks Could Run Every Android App Very Soon

/ 2 years ago


When it comes to apps, you are often locked to your platform much like you are with games to their consoles. The same can be said about tablets and especially those running Chrome OS, with a recent update giving Chromebooks the option to run Android App.

Seen in update version 51, settings contained an option that reads “enable android apps to run on your Chromebook”. While only available in the developers channel, the option could offer Chromebook users a whole new set of apps to use from the popular Android store, Google Play. Developers with access have been able to enable the option.


For those using Chrome OS, it could be a good option, despite people worrying that the two operating systems should remain separate. While the option is present, and the source code shows that it is there, the option does disappear leading people to suspect that it will be part of a future reveal.

With Microsoft stopping their program of porting Android Apps over to Windows Phones and offering Edge users the ability to use Chromes extensions, Android apps seem to be all the craze. Are you a Chromebook user?

Are you a Chromebook user? Will the extra thousands of games and apps entice you to look into grabbing a Chromebook?

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