Cisco’s Annual Security Report For 2013 Reveals Staggering Increase In Cyber Attacks

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According to recent studies, cyber security threats are still affecting users and businesses alike, with more complex and precise attacks, according to Annual Security Report of 2014 made by Cisco.

This is where John Stewart, Chief Security Officer at Cisco, comes in and explains how to protect, prevent and analyse threats before, during and after they happen. He believes that this way, users and companies alike can gain more insights on why they are targeted and what to do to prevent the attacks.

“Although the Cisco Annual Security Report paints a grim picture of the current state of cyber security, there is hope for restoring trust in people, institutions and technologies – that starts with empowering defenders with real-world knowledge about expanding attack surfaces,” said John Stewart, Cisco Chief Security Officer, noted in a press release. “To truly protect against all of these possible attacks, defenders must understand the attackers, their motivations and their methods – before, during and after an attack.”

According to the study, attacks have increased by 14 percent last year and possibly even more this year. Furthermore, the increasing number of attacks were found to target specific industries with the goal of stealing information and disrupt everyday activity.

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The industries that saw the worst of it last year were key chemical, agricultural, mining, electrical and pharmaceutical companies, which saw an increase of 600 percent in malware and cyber attacks. The gas, energy and oil companies were not far behind with a slightly lower rate of attacks, but still significant, summing it up at 400 percent.

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