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Clone Wine and Enjoy it Over and Over Again

When it comes to science, it does amazing things. From giving us the ability to walk around catching our favourite Pokémon from your mobile phone to the ability to travel thousands of miles with just the power of the sun charging a giant metal box. Now it looks like science is going to let people clone wines, letting you drink your favourite drink without a single grape.

The company, Ava Winery, is looking to copy the “molecular profile” of a wine to then reconstruct them as even more expensive wines. Alec Lee, the founder of Ava Winery, is proud that they “create the wine without any grapes, yeast or any kind of fermentation”.

Currently, the company is looking to replicate three different wines, a Moscato d’Asti, a Dom Perignon and a Pinot Noir. With the ability to replicate wine being based on the complexity of their molecules, it may be sooner rather than later that you get to enjoy all those expensive wines without the hefty price tag.

Lee stated that the companies goal is “to a point where you just need a glass worth to identify the molecules”, meaning that you could essentially clone your favourite wines and with $2.5 million raised from investors it may not be long before more of your favourite drinks are cloned from older copies.

Gareth Andrews

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