Cloudflare reports series of widespread DDOS attacks on websites

/ 5 years ago

DNS Protection and CDN Provider Cloudflare stated that at the time when cease fire between Israeli and Palestinians was announced, both sides attacking eachother with series of DDOS attacks. The following chart from Cloudflare’s stats graph show massive DDOS Layer 7 attacks being done on websites belonging to both sides.

cloudflare_middle_east_attackCloudflare had expressed concerns that this isn’t going cease anytime soon, but they’re confident that their Cloudflare’s service will be able to withstand these attacks- including the ones done by the usual “vigilante hackers“. They’ve also made it clear that despite the obvious motive between the two, they don’t spend time to know the motive of the attackers.

They continue:

We’ve received criticism from supporters on both sides asking how we can be supporting the other. To be clear, we are not supporting either side. Resolving the difficult political questions of a conflict like this is way above our pay grade. We are proud, however, that in spite of withering cyber attacks CloudFlare has kept both sides websites online.

The Internet is one of the greatest inventions in human history because it allows anyone to reach a global audience. CloudFlare’s goal is to power a better Internet. While that will inherently mean we will increasingly find ourselves in difficult situations like this one, we will continue to be guided by the principle that it is not our role to decide whether one idea or another is correct, but instead to ensure that all ideas can find equal footing online.

Source: Cloudflare

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