Club 3D announce 4GB DDR3 HD 7750

/ 5 years ago

For a niche segment of the market, sometimes having high amounts of VRAM is more useful than having a lot of GPU horsepower. With Club 3D’s 4GB HD 7750 this is exactly what they are targeting.

They have also introduced a 1GB HD 7750 utilising the same DDR3 memory, by using DDR3 they are able to deliver lower power consumption (3W less versus GDDR5 models) and a lower price point with a slight sacrifice to performance.

Since the HD 7750 is such a power efficient GPU only a single slot cooler with a 50mm cooling fan is needed to keep these graphics cards cool and quiet. Club 3D boasts temperatures of just 57 degrees under gaming load for both cards.

Although these graphics cards aren’t overclocked from the factory, Club 3D estimates most users will be able to get a minimum overclock of 800 to 900MHz on the core and 1600MHz to 2000MHz on the memory. That memory overclock will be particularly good at counteracting the loss in performance seen by reducing the interface from GDDR5 to GDDR3.

AMD ZeroCore, GCN, AMD App Acceleration, PCI Express Gen 3, HDMI 1.4a and AMD HD3D Technology are all supported with both these graphics cards.

We anticipate a price of about £75 for the 1GB DDR3 HD 7750 and £90 for the 4GB DDR3 HD 7750.

Club 3D 1GB DDR3 HD 7750

Club 3D 4GB DDR3 HD 7750

Source: Press Release

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