Club Penguin Fan Remake Shutdown with UK Police Currently Holding Website!

I never once visited the official Club Penguin website. And even if I wanted to at this point, I’d have a hard time considering that following their purchase of it in 2007, Disney shut it down in 2017 (with a largely unsuccessful attempt to move people onto a mobile version). – For internet history and nostalgia, however, it is hard to understate the impact this relatively humble browser game had.

If anything, it was one of those weird instances that despite being designed as, basically, a kid’s game, adults (well… mostly teenagers) tended to flock to it as some kind of meme. – In fact, I think it was mostly shut down for this reason as people started turning up participating in, shall we say, less than morally wholesome activities (such as, merely for one example, arranging penguins into Nazi symbols).

Put simply, it wasn’t really a kid’s game anymore!

Club Penguin Revival

Ever since the official version was shut down though, it was hardly surprising that many clones popped up on the internet with “Club Penguin Rewritten” providing to be the most popular fan-made titles. – If you did, however, enjoy occasionally paying this place a visit with your flippered avatar, then I’m afraid we have some bad news! – Following a report via TechCrunch, the website has been officially closed and it has likely come at the hands of Disney’s lawyers!

Club Penguin Rewritten And Now Shut Down!

Now admittedly, we usually pick and choose when we write about such fan projects being shut down. They happen so often after all with too many ‘Silent Hill’s’ to count. Given that ‘Club Penguin Rewritten’ had a Discord membership of over 140,000 people, however, it’s hard to understate just how huge this was. – Given that it existed for a few years without eventually seeing the ban hammer though, what exactly went wrong here? Well, in a word, monetisation.

The site grew to the point where it started to attract the attention of advertisers and once deals were made, they entered very dangerous territory. Namely, profiting off copyrighted material! – Had they remained under the radar, things would’ve probably carried on as before. It seems, however, that Disney is launching full-blown legal action against the owner/s of the website, and as a notable part of that, the former domain is now in the hands of the UK London police (click here if you don’t believe me!).

Overall, I don’t envy the website’s owners. While Disney might be the happiest place on earth, their lawyers certainly don’t live there!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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