Club3D Booth at CeBIT 2015

/ 3 years ago


Club3D are still one of my favourite GPU manufacturers, as I love the neat and tidy aesthetics of their royal Ace series GPUs, such as the R9 290 seen above. As with many GPU manufacturers, there’s no new graphics cards to display just yet until AMD get their act together, although we are expecting to see new hardware around the time of Computex, assuming there’s no more delays.


Where Club3D really dominate at the moment, is in how you connect your graphics cards to your displays, or your displays to your system for that matter. Their MST hubs are selling like crazy in the consumer and professional markets, and for good reason too. Club3D offer an extensive range of solutions that allow for HD and 4K display connections via USB, link adaptors from miniDP to multiple full-size DP, HDMI, D-SUB, in fact, if you can think of a display output or a HDMI socket, Club3D has a solution for it for one to four monitors!






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