Club3D HD 7790 royalKing Poker Series 1GB Graphics Card Review

/ 4 years ago

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Club3D RoyalKing 7790 (12)

Not that long ago Club3D made a very bold and striking decision to exclusively work with AMD graphics processing units only, leaving Nvidia on the sidelines. Since then we have seen a flurry of activity from Club3D to produce a vast range of SKUs of HD 7000 series card to cater for every price point for every AMD GPU, notably with the release of their brand new ’13 series.

Today we are looking at one of their upper-range HD 7790 graphics cards, or more specifically the HD 7790 royalKing from their Poker Series. Like the majority of Club3D graphics cards the HD 7790 royalKing we have here today uses their CoolStream cooling solution to keep things running cool and quiet without breaking the bank. The Club 3D HD 7790 royalKing comes with factory overclocks out of the box, on the GPU only, which is overclocked 7.5% to 1075MHz while the memory runs at a stock speed of 6GHz. Other than that the unit is kind-of normal although the design in my opinion is one of the nicest as the unit uses a black PCB, black cooling shroud and is very compact which is ideal for such a mid-range GPU.

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On the box the key features are displayed such as 4K support,  PCIe Gen 3 support and other AMD exclusive features like GCN, HD3D and App acceleration.

Club3D RoyalKing 7790 (1)

The back is rammed full of the usual “marketing stuff” which seems a bit strange as most people have already bought their card by the time they see this.

Club3D RoyalKing 7790 (2)

Included items are very basic and there is no messing around with molex adapters or VGA adapters. There is a driver CD and quick install guide. That said maybe for a card of this calibre a few “budget” accessories might of actually been well placed, like a DVI to VGA adapter and even a molex adapter for people with more basic PSUs.

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6 Responses to “Club3D HD 7790 royalKing Poker Series 1GB Graphics Card Review”
  1. Medallish says:

    I get why you sometimes want to do a complete lineup, but I feel there’s a lot missing from this, like a 7850?

    • Cards come and cards go, sadly at the time of testing we were not in possession of HD 7850. That said the main competitor to this card (GTX 650Ti) is in the graphs so that should give enough of a feel for its performance IMO. If we do get any HD 7850s in future then you can compare performance by checking that review.

  2. Wayne says:

    You’d most likely find if you replaced the factory thermal gunk for a decent quality grease the temps would drop significantly but you could void the warranty.

  3. Casecutter says:

    Would’ve been nice to see both a 7850 2Gb and a GTX 650Ti Boost and nothing above that… That would’ve afforded a more exacting placement for a 7790 in relation to current prices. This really makes in as “Entry Gaming” offering, and not near the class of either (7850 2Gb and a GTX 650Ti Boost), however it nice to see such percentages. While having card “so much above”, doesn’t give a clear appraisal of that lower segment.

    Sure makes the pricing for GTX650Ti (Non-Boost) feel exorbitant! As Nvidia still thinks they can command $130-150 in many cases and that still entails rebates of $10-20. On the 7790 pricing you’re hard pressed to pay $125 and some of those are without a rebate. Like a nice dual fan Sapphire (100356OCL) is $115 –AR$15 w/FS and one free Game title of your choice. It’s clear 7790 is the “Entry Level Gaming” choice.

  4. Kwstas Prezios says:

    hey can i ask something..i buy the AMD Radeon HD 7790 Series but when i put it in my pc and did the install driver,i saw in catalysm control center on information other card..AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series .is that ok i have the card 7790 or the box and the plastic in card say 7790 and the card is 7700?

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