CM Storm Have Just Launched Two New Gaming Mice

/ 4 years ago

cm storm mizar alcor

Coolermaster are on a bit of a roll recently, they’ve had one hit product after another and their gaming brand CM Storm is no exception. Now we see them continue pushing forward with the release of two new gaming mice, or should that be old gaming mice?

The new Alcor and Mizar gaming mice are a look back at times when PC gaming was a much less complicated affair, simpler times that need a much more refined and straight forward gaming mouse that’ll just get the job done, but get it done very well.

Classic exterior design combined with high end and modern internal components blends the new and old here, the Alcor is fitted with the Avago 3090 sensor while the Mizar takes the Avago 9800 laser sensor.

The Alcor features a slick optical sensor with a DPI range of up to 4000 DPI over four pre-sets which can be toggled from two switches on the top of the mouse. Omron switches ensure great performance that should last a lifetime and the CM Storm logo features multi-colour LED lighting, perfect for indicating the selected DPI.

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The Mizar’s laser sensor can handle up to 8200 DPI, which can be configured through four quick toggle pre-sets right from the mouse, while reinforced rubber side pads ensure maximum grip no matter how frantic your battle gets. Customisation software allows tweaking of DPI, profiles, LED lighting colour and assigning functions and macros to the 7 fully programmable buttons.


The Alcor and Mizar are available right now via the Coolermaster webshop, but will he hitting other UK outlets in the coming weeks. The Alcor is just £29.99 while the Mizar is £39.99, so they certainly sound like great value for money.

Thank you Coolermaster for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Coolermaster.

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3 Responses to “CM Storm Have Just Launched Two New Gaming Mice”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    They sound and look pretty decent given the price. Now I’ll just wait for them to pass through my hands and I’m sure they won’t disappoint, CM rarely disappoints as far as I’m concerned.

    • +1, use a CM Storm Spawn gaming mouse and CM Storm Trigger mechanical keyboard in my personal rig – both of which i actually bought with my own money and I think they are solid (reviewers buying stuff with their own money what is this madness).

      • Skidmarks says:

        Lol, Yeah. Anything desktop I don’t normally have to buy but I’ve never been lucky enough to *ahem* ‘inherit’ a GTX Titan or the like. Not a problem though, I’m more than happy with second best. Personally I do have to buy all things mobile including laptops because I have nothing to do with them. (Maybe that’s why I have an antiquated 15″ TN equipped lappy). A lot of the stuff we test are given away to readers or just given to charity. Some parts must be returned to the supplier though (that means the GTX Titans) 🙁

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