CM Storm Release Ceres 300 And 500 Gaming Headsets

/ 4 years ago

CM Storm Ceres 300

Cooler Master’s CM Storm division has just unveiled a pair of new gaming headsets – the CM Storm Ceres 300 and 500. Both headsets offer large 40mm drivers. The Ceres 300 comes with thick padded ear cushions and an adjustable headband. The 40mm drivers are complimented by a detachable flexible microphone. The design continues CM Storm’s aluminium themed aesthetics with the aluminium accents cutting through the overall blackness of the design.


CM Storm Ceres 500

Next up is the CM Storm Ceres 500 which uses a similar design but with meshed ear cups that are more effective noise insulators than on the Ceres 300. There is a foldable design to the Ceres 500 thanks to the swivel joints on the ear cups. The Ceres 500 can be used in PC or console mode and has a built in amplifier to compliment the 40mm drivers.

CM Storm’s Ceres 300 and 500 headsets will be released soon and will come competitively priced as Ceres headsets have always done in the past.

Images courtesy of CM Storm

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One Response to “CM Storm Release Ceres 300 And 500 Gaming Headsets”
  1. Wayne says:

    They should be quite good. The Ceres 400 gave surprisingly good sound for it’s price.

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