This Cockroach’s Nervous System Can Be Remotely Controlled

/ 3 years ago

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This isn’t quite mind control, but it’s not far off. Researchers from Texas A&M University have effectively managed to hijack the nervous system of a cockroach, giving them the ability to control its movements. Many cockroaches have been remotely controlled before; heck you can even buy something to do it yourself, but in those cases it has always involved the stimulation of the roach’s antennae, not its nervous system.

In this instance, the scientists attached a receiver to the insect’s nerve cells, within a part of its body called the pro-ganglion. Where previously by using the antennae you cold only make the roach change direction, in this case the scientists managed to accurately control the path in which the roach was moving. They could make it go forwards, left or right.

This “remotely controlled hybrid robotic system” isn’t just for fun of playing with a cockroach, but apparently for real purposeful reasons. It’s said that the RC roaches could be used to find people trapped under debris in recovery operations. The scientists suggest that the creatures would be more nimble, strong and energy-efficient than a robotic counterpart.

What do you think? Weird or genius?

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