COD Warzone 2 to Feature Two New Maps With Both Well into Development!

Following the release of the ‘original’ Call of Duty Warzone, for a solid 6 month period, this was probably one of my most consistently played gaming titles. After a certain point though, it’s hard to deny that things started to stagnate a little (and no, I’m not even going to bother going down the rabbit hole of problems seen with masses of cheaters).

As such, on the surface of things, the release of the new ‘Pacific’ update last year should’ve, in theory, helped revitalise things a bit. You know, bring some fresh life into the title. – However, the problem was for me at least, that it didn’t. Verdansk might have been getting boring, but it took a fair while to get to that point. ‘Pacific’, again just in my view, was boring within weeks and I’ll freely concede now that I haven’t played Warzone in around 8 months now.

With the new ‘Warzone 2’ expected to arrive in early 2023, however, there is some potentially good news that may see this problem, if not solved, then at least improved. – Following inside reports via PCGamesN, Warzone 2 is reportedly set to launch its battle royale mode with two entirely new and unique maps. And better still, they might both be available to play on release!

Call of Duty Warzone 2

Now just to clarify the position of Warzone 2, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will launch on October 28th, 2022. This will not, however, include the initial release of Warzone 2. Similar to what we saw when this off-shoot game mode was originally introduced, Warzone 2 isn’t expected to be released until some time around February-April 2023 (around 3-4 months after the COD stand-alone title).

In regards to the maps though, the inside source is claiming that two unique locations will be available on release. While one is set to be new and in a general size comparable to Verdansk or Pacific, the second will be smaller and possibly on the scale of ‘Rebirth Island’. Unlike that particular off-shoot, however, one theory is that this has been deliberately split to encourage both small and large player pools (basically splitting those who want quick and potentially long games – I say potentially as I’ve had more than a few trips to Verdansk that barely lasted 5 minutes).

On the whole, though, it does look like we’re getting something of a three-way compromise here between quality, quantity, and diversity. Something that will, hopefully, offer something that attempts to please everyone (while clearly carrying the risk of pleasing no one).

What Do We Think?

On the whole, I think the vast majority of people are hoping for, essentially, more of the same in terms of gameplay from Warzone 2, while, at the same time, offering fixes for the problems that have plagued the game ever since it was released. And this isn’t just limited to boring maps or unbalanced weapons, but again without going down this road too far, the cheating problem that has affected the game ever since it was brought out!

What do you think though? What would you like to see from Warzone 2? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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