Codemasters Reveals New Trailer for Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

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Before the actual minions that you now see everywhere, cute, yellow, with cool glasses and of course, clumsy, there were the Overlord minions. Ever heard of the game? No? Well, what both minions have in common is that they all serve a despicable master, namely the Overlord in this game.

To get you up to speed, the first Overlord title was developed by Triumph Studios and published by Codemasters. It was released back in 2007 and featured a resurrected warrior, known only as The Overlord, who was able to command hordes of goblin-like creatures known as ‘minions’. So yeah, before the minions from Despicable Me became popular, we had the other type of minions.

The first Overlord was followed by a second release, Overlord II, in 2009. Both titles were so good, in my opinion, because they had a key element in the gameplay, which is black humour combined with parody. Also, similar to the Fable series, the player can have control over how the realm sees The Overlord, either as a saviour or tyrant (specifically, a good and evil bar).

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This brings us to the third instalment of the series, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil. It seems like the same black humour element is present in the upcoming title, along with a lot of minions and… sheep? Well, if the minions like them, then it’s fine by me.









Overlord: Fellowship of Evil seems to move away from the traditional third-person RPG style found in previous titles and introduce a point-and-click control system, which is not surprising given the recent shift towards MOBA gameplay style. Nevertheless, the title seems to bring a story based on evil and conquering the forces of good, something that was previously given to the player to decide. Even so, if you’ve played the previous titles, you know that you can’t wait for it to be released. In the meantime, here’s a training video from The Minionstry of Information to get you going.

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