Coldplay Announce ‘Ghost Series Virtual Reality Concert Experience’

/ 3 years ago


Coldplay has teamed up with NextVR to announce their first content release – Coldplay’s Ghost Stories Virtual Reality Concert Experience.

The entire concert was shot in VR, with their new song “A Sky Full of Stars” to soon be made available through the NextVR app. The NextVR app can be accessed through Samsung’s Gear VR headset, which only just launched. The VR concert gives Coldplay fans a never-before-seen look at the band, where you can be on the stage with Coldplay, in the VR world.

The company worked with Coldplay in London over the summer, developing the VR concert concept as state-of-the-art for fans who want to see the concert live, and experience it over and over (even in VR). NextVR is now working on following up on this with a full concert in the coming months, and is working with Coldplay on future VR projects.

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Phil Harvey, who is Coldplay’s Creative Director said “You’re literally inside the show, front of stage with the band.  The quality of this virtual reality experience is far superior to anything else out there. It’s pretty mind-blowing.”



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