Colorado Police Cites Guy for Shooting His Computer

/ 3 years ago


We have all been there, the old computer that should have been retired years ago is creating nothing but trouble. It bugs, hang, crashes and generally just doesn’t want to do as it should, and you get frustrated.

A man from Colorado Springs had that feeling and felt the frustration especially hard. The end-result after months of trouble, he shot his computer.


The police were called when people heard gunfire and after some initial investigation the police found the perpetrator. But it wasn’t a gang fight, robbery, or angry partner that caught the lover with another person, it was just a frustrated PC owner.

The 37-year-old Luca Hinch had taken his PC into a back alley after months of frustrations and yet another fight with his system. He couldn’t take it anymore and he simply shot it. I can count eight bullet holes, so it looks like he emptied his entire clip into the system.

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Computers as such have no legal rights in our justice system, but it is illegal to just discharge your firearm within city limits, at least in Colorado. The man was cited for discharging the firearm within city limits, but won’t have to face any PC-slaughter allegations.

Thanks to KOAA5 for providing us with this information

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4 Responses to “Colorado Police Cites Guy for Shooting His Computer”
  1. Carl Wilson says:

    Poor PC – looks like a Dell Dimension 9200 which I had myself 2007-2014!
    Great PC. Did not deserve it.

  2. tomekkk1 says:

    When he gets frustrated on his pet – he will shoot it to end the problem?

    When he gets frustrated on his kid – he will shoot him to end the problem?

    When he gets frustrated on other road user – he will shoot him to end the problem?
    Etc. etc. etc.

    If he can’t handle his own feelings – WHY HE CAN HANDLE THE GUN?!

  3. Krusher33 says:

    He should’ve taken it outside city limits rather than scare the crap out of his neighbors. I’m sure several of them have gotten their guns out too just in case.

  4. Look like DELL XPS 400 or 9200. I still have XPS 400 and working fine so far. No crash, hang up, errors on Windows XP. I keep take care of my old computers just for to play old PC games.

    People are stupid to destroy their own computers. That is why people never know how to fix problems! They are fault and need go to computer class school to learn how to learn programs and drivers to make working.

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