Colorful introduces ‘Cable Routing King C2 RTX’ PC Case

/ 6 years ago

Colorful announces their first RTX (Reversed Technology eXtended) chassis named the Cable-Routing King C2. Unlike an ordinary PC chassis, the RTX uses a upside down ATX format. With the RTX structure, it fixes the problem with users usually needing an extension cable to connect the CPU power cable to the board when they route and hide the cables behind the motherboard tray with a bottom mounted PSU. Besides this, the structure also allows for the graphics card to radiate heat better as it is near the top of the case.

The dimensions of Cable-Routing King C2 are 468mm by4 66mm by 190mm, though it is not as large as a Mid-Tower chassis, it provides shorter distance for cable routing. The motherboard needs to be reversed for  installation, so the graphics card will be installed in the top. Due to the mesh at the top, the efficient transport of fresh air into of the chassis is guaranteed to keep the graphics card cool. The PSU bay has been placed on the bottom with a dust filter, and the distance from PSU to CPU power connector is about 15-20CM, so users don’t need to purchase any extension cables for cable management.

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Inside the new chassis, Colorful uses red baking varnish disposal. It provides three bays for CD drives (5.25″) and eight bays for HDD drives (3.5″) , and 7 expansion slots for PCI/PCI-E devices.

Colorful has made it their goal to target mid-range users with this case and it is now available in Asia but will also be available in Europe soon.

Source: Press Release




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