Colorful 4070 Ti Specs Confirm Nvidia GPU is a Rebranded 4080 12GB

With the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Ti all but confirmed for launch in the early part of January 2023 (with a general consumer release potentially set for January 5th), it has been widely speculated that rather than being representative of a brand new SKU, Nvidia was simply planning to relaunch/rebrand the previously ‘unlaunched’ 4080 12GB as the ‘new’ 4070 Ti.

Would the 4080 12GB actually be just simply turned into the 4070 Ti though? Well, following a report via Videocardz, it seems we have the answer thanks to a website mishap from Colorful, and the answer is yes. Put simply, if this listing is accurate, then the 4070 Ti appears to share the exact identical specifications to the 4080 12GB.

Colorful Confirms – Nvidia 4080 12GB = Nvidia 4070 Ti

The leak has come via an official website listing from Colorful for an upcoming Tomahawk RTX 4070 Ti Deluxe graphics card model. And just starting with that ‘Tomahawk’ business, no, this isn’t some kind of partnership with MSI. It’s 99% probably just a mistranslation of ‘BattleAx’.

Getting back to the key point though, although Colorful has subsequently pulled the page (because this GPU isn’t officially set to be launched until January 4th(ish)) a quick look at the specifications pretty much gives us the iron-clad confirmation surrounding exactly what this GPU is.

In a nutshell, despite being a ‘new’ 4070 Ti, we’ve seen these specifications before when Nvidia originally confirmed the launch of the 4080 12GB graphics card. – Yep, following a hell of a lot of rumour and speculation on the subject, this is the best proof yet that for the 4070 Ti, Nvidia has simply decided to reutilise/repurpose the cancelled 4080 12GB SKU into the 4070 Ti.

What Do We Think?

On the surface of things, there is clearly nothing wrong with Nvidia deciding to rebrand the 4080 12GB as the 4070 Ti. The problem primarily comes down to whether they will be retaining the $899 MSRP when this GPU was originally put in the higher tier. It’s hardly any secret that consumers already think the circa $1200+ 4080 16GB is too expensive and if Nvidia does effectively keep this original MSRP, then they could again find themselves with a decent, but overpriced (at least in perception) design.

At this point though, I think Nvidia pretty much just wants to get the 4070 Ti out the door because at least then maybe people will start to forget that this once was, entirely officially, a 4080 SKU.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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