Colorful preparing new 9 heatpipe “Shark Bionic” VGA cooler

/ 5 years ago

Colorful are a graphics card company renowned for their unique designs and attention to detail. Their latest VGA cooler certainly lives up to those very high standards. The new Shark Bionic VGA cooler will first debut on the Colorful GTX 670 iGame Ares X graphics card.

Colorful have gone for a design which is relatively reserved in aesthetics but all-out in terms of its cooling potential. The dual slot cooler features a staggering nine nickel plated 8mm copper heat pipes over a nickel plated copper base for the GPU contact. The nine heat pipes transport heat away from the GPU to three separate aluminium heat sink stacks. One directly above the GPU, one over the VRM/Memory area and one atop the card.

Fan wise Colorful have decided to equip just the two 80mm fans to keep both the length and height of the card to a reasonable level. The designated shroud covering for the card is inspired by the “Bionic Shark” theme and is also streamlined to allow air to flow in the freest and quietest possible manner, as you can see from the grooved design at the end of the card.

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No information on pricing and availability was given. We also do not know whether this VGA cooler will be available separately and for what graphics cards it might fit, but it will definitely be available on the Colorful GTX 670 iGame Ares X graphics card which should be out soon. Although, Colorful normally only operate in Asian markets so it could be tough and expensive to get hold of one of these in the EU or North America where most the demand is.




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