Colorful to release iGame Kudan GTX 680

/ 6 years ago

Back in late 2011 when Colorful announced the iGame Kudan GTX 560Ti many claimed it was complete overkill. Giving a mid range graphics card the ultimate cooling and accessory pack to allow for overclocking. It seems Colorful have now learnt their lesson, they plan to give the extensive iGame Kudan package to Nvidia’s GTX 680 graphics card.

The iGame Kudan kit involves a custom triple fan cooler attached to a non-reference PCB design which features a modular 8 phase VRM. In addition there are extra attachable heat sinks to cool VRM and memory components when undertaking overclocking. Colorful also provide an additional 4 phase VRM PCB board which can be attached to the GTX 680 via a modified SODIMM slot.

The card will also feature a custom set of paints so you can fully modify the design of your GTX 680. Overclocking potential should be really high, allowing you to push the GTX 680 to its absolute limits. The card will be available to the European and Asian markets.

See the GTX 560Ti version for the full range of accessories the card will come with.

Source: PCPop


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