Colourful Set to Take Second Place in Graphics Card Sales

/ 2 years ago

4bColorful, the company that offers the world with some of the strangest and wackiest designs that could be equipped to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphic card range; has surpassed the big names like MSI, ASUS and Gigabyte. Reports suggest that Colorful could become the second largest supplier of graphics cards by the end of 2015.

Colorful has been shipping an average of 500,000 graphics card units per month so far in 2015; it is projected to maintain this shipment level and reach over 5 million total shipped in 2015. So far, the company has outsold the usual suspects such as MSI, ASUS and Gigabyte.

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Colorful isn’t as widely known in Europe and the US, but in Asia; namely the Greater China region, it is a top seller. Its direct competitor is Palit, that also has co-companies such as Galaxy, Gainward, Point of View.

Colorful has a motherboard division that is accelerating at a similar rate to its graphics card, this could prove a huge threat to ASUS and Gigabyte who are also in the same markets.

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