Combining Night Vision and Thermal Imaging

/ 3 years ago

We are all familiar with night vision and even thermal imaging, the idea of being able to see (with a green hint) in the dark of night and then see people glowing like yellow dots in the woods, has long been used in both real life and video games. But what would happen if you were to combine both of these systems into one? We may see the results soon thanks to the U.S. Branch of BAE Systems.

Titled ‘Rapid Target Acquisition’ (RTA) technology, it combines the functionality of a night vision headset and a thermal headset into one. Currently in the production and qualifying stages the new system, created in partnership with the U.S. Army’s Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate, could soon be seen for field testing.

Combined with a wireless video interface the new system can stream the weapon sight imagery to the users goggles in real-time allowing them to see exactly where their system is facing, and receive the benefit of the technology at the flick of a switch. With the combinations of the systems, the need for aiming lasers at night are all but removed, allowing the users to avoid shining a bright light on a situation they would rather hide from.

Listed among its benefits are lower power, reduced battery usage and operating costs and the light weight and small size nature of the system.

Image and Information Courtesy of BAE Systems.

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