Comcast 2GB/S Internet Prices and Specs Released

/ 2 years ago

Comcast’s fibre internet was always going to be expensive, and now the telecoms company has revealed just how much 2Gbps internet will cost you; $300 a month! Comcast calls its fastest-ever consumer broadband Gigabit Pro, which offers twice the download and upload speeds of Google Fiber for a small amount of $230 more per month. Comcast says you “must generally live within a third of a mile of our fiber network” in eligible cities to receive Gigabit Pro. The service will be available as part of a 2 year contract too. Comcast is also saying that the installation of the service may take up to two months, meaning people could pay $1000 before they even get service.

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On the plus side, Comcast is offering people who agree to that two-year contract an early promotional rate of $159 per month and if you’re the type of person who can afford $300 internet every month, maybe the tacked on installation costs won’t influence your thinking much anyway. Gigabit Pro could make sense for small businesses with colossal bandwidth needs, though Comcast look to be hoping that business users stick with their own, more expensive plans. If nothing else, Gigabit Pro should make for a smooth experience watching a stream on every device inside your home and then some!

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  1. Joonatan says:

    Yesterday you were confusing Java and JavaScript. Today, you don’t distinguish bits (b) and bytes (B) nor seconds (s) and siemens (S). Don’t do journalism, if you can’t do it… please…

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